Hatun Karpay
Initiation in Peru

An account of an initiation into
ancient Andean spiritual traditions
during which we learn to tap into
and work with the natural energies
of the earth and the universe.

Hatun Karpay Initiation in Peru


In March, 2004, I received the following email from Fritz von Coelin:

"I just returned from Peru and wish that I had found your website before the trip. I was surfing for "Rainbow Rock, Ollantaytambo, Peru and came across your comments on "The Big Black Rock." Our guide was evasive about what the rock was used for. He said that children in the town used it as a slide and when we visited a small fence surrounded it to keep them off. I asked him if it was used for sacrifices and he would not answer directly. Looking down from above, my guess was that the depressions in the top of the slide were for the sacrificial bodies (people or llamas) and that the blood would flow down the slides to be collected for distribution throughout the empire for religious ceremonies. I had read "The Secret of the Incas" by William Sullivan and such a ceremony was described. The book was overwhelmingly scholarly and I struggled through it. Maybe the fence was to keep us from experiencing what you described.

"I am a CLE student at the California State University, Fullerton. A group of 16 of us seniors (all 65 years old plus retirees) went to Peru with Overseas Adventure Travel tour. It was excellent. Walking the crest of the trail and coming onto Machu Picchu in the afternoon sun was breathtaking. We were exorcised twice by shamans but unfortunately I had no out of this world experiences. On the other hand, our one week in the Sacred Valley and a week on the Amazon were incomparable (and we have been around a bit.)

"The rock, the secret and our guide, Veronica, inspired the poem attached. It is her face that is in the sketch. Thanks for your website I will spend more time reading your experiences."


Rainbow Rock -
Ollantaytambo, Peru


Her features shaped as the custom of the day
I could not see her eyes
Dark I can imagine
deep, black
I could not see her hair
dark as her eyes
long, flowing
yellow iris or pink corn orchids
braided her perfect face
masked knowledge of the future
gleaming, gay, may I say sunny?
yet deep, reverent
The Chosen One!


Her features shaped by this same helix
I gazed into her eyes
dark, deep, smiling
but maybe that was the curve of her lips
A simple silver ring
dangled from her ear
her perfect face bronzed
the future shaped by knowledge
and friends
an occasional glaze
remote, may I quander?
yet, a blossom unfolding
A Promise!


Each had a place
a purpose
Each accepted place, purpose
should I say destiny?
The Chosen One
the pilgrimage to the center
The sun rising each morning
a step closer on the trail
An offering of corn at each altar
the preparations
finery, pomp, mind
Will it rise tomorrow
masked in the knowledge of the future?


Each makes a place
a purpose
may I say molds destiny?
The purpose
Created, not succumbing to fate
The sun rises each morning
a step closer through sacrifice
The preparations
intensity, only if intense
It will rise tomorrow
will she see it?
the smiling bronze face and deep eyes.


The secret
The war against time
will it rise tomorrow?
The Sun God
bow all to him
give all to him
circumstanced procession
precessional default
climb the steps, bow your head
¨Oh God of the Sun
Does she please thee?
Will you rise in the morning?¨


No mystery, no secret
true, time is the enemy
It will rise in the morning
each morning
a thousand and one mornings
only a promise
Her dark, black eyes stare back at me
and they smile
unmasking the future
may I say I glimpsed into the future?

Fritz von Coelln - © 2004


Midi playing is "Titicaca" (Lake Titicaca)
This large lake is the highest in the world
and is shared by Peru and Bolivia

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