Caminito de Huancayo
(Little Road to Huancayo)
Hatun Karpay
Initiation in Peru

An account of an initiation into
ancient Andean spiritual traditions
during which we learn to tap into
and work with the natural energies
of the earth and the universe.

Hatun Karpay Initiation in Peru



The following day we had to say goodbye to Cuzco and to Eddie, our faithful driver. At the Lima airport the influence of Western civilization impacted us again. Boarding another private bus, we drove south along the sea coast road instead of heading for a hotel. Apparently the city'd been using the shore for some time for its landfill dumps--what an awful mess! But then we passed areas where it looked like they were trying to clean up the shore so people could use the beaches again. Attempts at making a park and some restaurants were new additions to the beach. At least it's a step in the right direction.

Eventually we came to another Inkan ruins. This is also a national park, so we went through the gate and the bus stopped at the small headquarters building. We could relieve ourselves here and also buy small statues and other stones carved to resemble ancient artifacts. Boarded the bus again, we drove out to the base of a very high sand dune temple. I was so disappointed! Here at sea level Lima, I'd assumed that the necessity of climbing up to a ruins was over! And I still had to huff and puff to get to the top! Dang!

The ancient builders had skillfully carved the high sand dunes into terraced temples. Constructing walls of large stones to form the terraces, the builders then back-filled with sand. They'd dragged the large boulders for these terrace walls from some place else far away from the shore.

We climbed up and up through the one partially reconstructed terraced temple and then moved down more steps to a terrace on the ocean side. Looking down we saw the ant-sized cars, trucks and buses zipping along the coastal highway. The roar that the traffic generated seemed to be in about the same frequency range as the roar of the ocean waves! Overhead the gulls soared and called. The particular odors of a saltwater environment wafted up to our nostrils. And the wind blew and blew.



Juan had us each sit in one of the many large niches in a terrace wall facing the ocean. We pulled to this place all the energies from all the places we'd connected with throughout our whole journey. I felt like the center of a large energy web. Then we also connected these energy lines with our own countries' apus and other power places, our own home areas, etc. I also chose to pull in and connect the energies from all the other sacred power places I've visited: Egypt, Hawaii, China, Tibet, Bali, New Zealand and Australia. Juan said we've become weavers of energy. (Here at home I can still feel many of these lines connected to me!)



Then Juan showed us the contents of his mesa. Shells (representing feminine energies), little crosses (masculine energies), stones from various sacred places, seeds, small objects given him by valued friends and family members, and khuyas from his various masters. These were all wrapped in a specially folded plain square of cloth and held shut with a long pin - which pricked Juan's finger as he tried to stick it into the folded cloth again!

The outer cloth of the mesa was woven in a beautiful pattern of white and faded red yarns. Juan was very particular about the way he folded this cloth. I noticed that the four Q'ero priests also carried their mesas, but they seemed to be folded in a somewhat careless manner. Juan's folds his mesa so precisely that it doesn't start coming apart with a lot of use during the days of rituals, like the mesas of the priests did after they'd used them for only a little while. When they took their mesas up again, several times a couple of the priests had to partially refold their mesas.



Finally it was time to head back into the city of Lima to a hotel to crash for a while, to rest and clean up and await our final bus ride to the airport for a midnight flight back to Dallas! Some folks went out for dinner. Some stayed in the hotel room and had room service! We were all pretty well bushed and almost glad to be heading for home. Even though we'd had such a profound experience for the previous 10 days, and hated to leave Peru and Juan and all the lovely sights and sites and energies behind, we knew it was best that we get home. And in Dallas, 10 North American eagles said goodbye to the lone eagle from The Netherlands. Hendrik's a tour guide in Amsterdam and went home determined to inspire his own people to go to Peru to meet Juan and take the Hatun Karpay initiation, also.


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