A Ti (It was also called Palomita.
I don't know what either means)
Hatun Karpay
Initiation in Peru

An account of an initiation into
ancient Andean spiritual traditions
during which we learn to tap into
and work with the natural energies
of the earth and the universe.

Hatun Karpay Initiation in Peru



Several months before I decided to go to Peru for the Hatun Karpay initiation, I had a dream about my chakra totem pole. This pole had appeared during meditation several years previously. A live animal for each of five chakras showed up, but the fourth chakra had a carved animal and the fifth chakra was blank:

Male Bear Root Chakra
Female PumaSacral Plexus
Wolf Solar Plexus
Heart Chakra
Blank SpaceThroat Chakra
Bald Eagle Third Eye Chakra
Great Horned Owl Crown Chakra

Each of these animals represented qualities that I was either manifesting and/or needed to work on. Over time the nature of the pole changed. The blank place at the throat chakra became occupied by a fuzzy baby Gray Owl, because I was learning to speak my spiritual wisdom. One thing that bothered me terribly was that all these animals were living - except for the heart chakra representative, which was a carved wooden symbol! As the spring of 1998 matured into summer, I had a dream that the Thunderbird was beginning to come alive. The baby Gray Owl had fledged. Then a while later another dream showed me that the Thunderbird had transformed into some sort of very large bird, resembling a condor. But I knew it wasn't a California condor. All the other animals and birds of my pole are North American. And then I found and read Elizabeth Jenkins' book and suddenly realized that my Condor was an Andean Condor! And this was just about the time that I'd decided to go to Peru! I read the part of the Inkan prophecies that says that when the Andean Condor and the North American Eagle flew together, then peace will reign on earth. [For the full prophecy by Willaru, click here. Use your browser's back button to return here.]

Coincidence? No, I don't interpret happenings like this as coincidence. I feel that these are synchronicities - certain types of vibrations attracting similar ones. The final confirmation came during the flowering of our Inkan seeds ritual Juan led us in at the Temple of the Sun in Machu Pikchu.



Before retiring to bed two nights after returning home, I'd been looking through a catalog that featured some wonderful-looking wooden statues of Ganesha, the Hindu elephant God of Changes. So this must have set the props for the stage on which my dream played.

DREAM: With some of my Peru friends plus some other people, probably also Peru trekkers who'd studied with Juan and/or Elizabeth, I was looking at small carved wooden statues of Ganesha. We each wanted to buy Juan one of these small statues and were checking our money to see if we could afford them.

Suddenly Juan came running into the room and said for us to follow him quickly. He was very excited and pleased and said he had something wonderful to show us.

We followed him into a building that had a large domed roof. And inside, Juan proudly pointed to a humungous carved wooden statue of Ganesha, just like the small ones we'd been considering getting for him! This statue was so large that it had been hung from the top of the dome and took up most of the space! Juan said he was delighted to present this huge statue to us as a group! End of dream.

Well, well, well! And so we shall see what humungous changes may be in store for us!

Peru and my home state of New Jersey have a little rarity in common, it seems! New Jersey hosts a very rare and minute member of the fern family, called 'Curly Grass,' Schizaea pusilla. This tiny little fern has a very disjunct distribution. Most populations occur in the Pine Barrens region of southern New Jersey (mid-Atlantic coastal state of the USA), but a few scattered colonies have been discovered in other locales on the North American Continent on Long Island (New York State) and in Delaware (also mid-Atlantic coastal state) in the USA, and eastern Canada. And near Oxapampa, Peru!

(Source: Stolze, R.G. 1987. "Schizaea pusilla Discovered in Peru." Amer. Fern Journal 77(2):64-65.)



Here are presented the parts of the Inkan Prophecies that pertain to the time period between 1999, and about 2012 A.D., as compiled and related by Juan Nuñez del Prado.


I don't know whether the following is actually part of the Inkan prophecies. This is something that Juan told us one day when the bus had stopped near a glacial moraine, or what's left of it, that lies across the Sacred Valley. Juan said that moraine marked the extent of Cuzco's 'bubble' or kausay poq'po in that direction. And then he told us that according to don Benito Qoriwaman, his former master, the great world transformation for humanity, ushering in the new Golden Age, will occur when Cuzco's "bubble" rises to the top of a particular mountain! In 1986, he told Juan that it was only halfway up! But Juan didn't tell us how far up it is now.


For more than 12 years, Juan Nuñez del Prado researched the Inkan prophecies, reading in the historical records from many sources and speaking with many shaman/priests who were the elders and bearers of their lineages' traditions and practices. He found some who had various parts of the prophecy. But only two of his masters seemed to carry the full Inkan prophecy - don Benito Qoriwaman of the Huaskar lineage and don Andres Espinoza of the Inkari lineage from the town of Q'eros.

Juan says that his research has impressed him with how deeply ingrained in the heart of the Andean indigenous peoples is the belief in the return of the Inka. The Spaniards were never successful in conquering this aspect of the Andean spirit!

TARIPAY PACHA: 1993-2012 - a time of transformation. Taripay Pacha = age of meeting ourselves again. We would call it a golden age of abundance. But to achieve this, we MUST start cooperating and working together!

• First phase - August 1, 1993 until approximately the year 2000

People will be moving from the 3rd level of consciousness to the 4th level. Then shaman/priests with 5th level consciousness will begin to emerge spontaneously from those of the 4th level. They will have extraordinary powers, one of which is that they can heal anyone anywhere anytime with only one touch. Juan equates this with Christ Consciousness.

• Second phase - Starting when 5th level priests start to appear until the manifestation or return of the sapa Inka - 6th level priest.

The 6th level of consciousness is the level of the Inkan rulers of old, according to don Benito. The new Inka will be an extraordinary spiritual and political leader. He will be able to recreate many aspects of and even surpass the old Inkan empire.

• Third phase - Will begin when the 6th level priests emerge - possibly around 2012.

Dates are uncertain. This is a possibility, not a certainty - an opportunity if we do the work of preparing for this opportunity!


DOING THE WORK: a significant portion of humanity must rise from 3rd level to 4th level of consciousness. We must leave fear and the dominating types of competitive behavior in the past and move forward into cooperation, sharing our cultural wisdoms and processes and learn to work with the energies of our energetic universe, esp here on Pachamama.

Juan had to study and work with his master, don Benito, for ten years before don Benito gave him the initiation into the 4th level. Then he told Juan about the big initiation, the Hatun Karpay and also the coronation rituals. Juan told us, as his face assumed a look of astonishment and awe, that while his master was telling him all this, suddenly he didn't hear don Benito's words. Instead Juan began to see pictures in his mind of all the places where these rituals were performed! Not only this, but Juan could also 'see' the priests performing these various rituals! Juan told us that once again don Benito was 'speaking' in a strange language - not Spanish and not Quechua. When Juan had first met don Benito, Juan also had begun to 'hear' the information and wisdom in his mind. These were the only two times that this had happened in all the years of Juan's association with don Benito!

Don Benito told him that the coronation ritual had almost been lost, because for more than a decade there hadn't been enough 4th level priests to carry out this ritual! Don Benito also considered the Hatun Karpay series of ritual initiations as a part of the path to becoming a 5th level priest. These rituals teach people how to blend or merge their auras (bubbles or poq'pos) with each other and also with the different energies in the energetic universe of which we all are a part.


Another part of the prophecy which I did not get from Juan, but rather from a website devoted to the prophecies of various indigenous groups is the one I started this website by quoting. This states that when the Andean condor flies with the North American eagle, this heralds the beginning of peace on earth. I told Juan about this and about my chakra totem pole's Thunderbird having transformed into an Andean condor. I tied this in with my experience at Machu Pikchu at the Temple of the Sun where I 'saw' the eagle and condor flying together and then merging. Juan was excited and thanked me for sharing this. But he made no mention of this being part of the prophecies as he had researched them.



In August, 1999, I received an exciting email from Elizabeth Jenkins. Quoted in part, it says:

"....a huge Millenium Ceremony in Peru Following the Trail of the Prophecy! Juan and I are organizing a group of 144 initiated fourth-level priests (of which you are one!) to work with an inner circle of 25 paqos from Q'eros and a group of Bolivian Priests called the Kallawayas. The trip will be August 1-18, 2000 and we will cover the four main areas of the prophecy, activating the sacred sites of the prophecy. We will begin in Bolivia at Lake Titikaka going to Copacabana and Tihuanaco, move on to Wiraqocha Temple. Then to Lima for the Pachakamaq Temple and North to the Magical Lakes of the Waringas Region in Northern Peru. This is going to be a FANTASTIC TRIP and give a huge OOMPH! to the prophecy! I will have a much more detailed explanation in a few weeks. Hope you can join us, Florence, and maybe you would like to announce this on your site!"

Blessings, love, and mucho sami! Elizabeth

Update: 2010 - Contact the Wiracocha Foundation to see their calendar of events and workshops. Now required is a beginner's workshop before being accepted to participate in Hatun Karpay trips similar to this.


And so there you have it! If you're interested, check out Elizabeth's website from time to time. However, it's also my understanding that Juan intends this gathering to be only of people who have taken the 4th level Hatun Karpay initiation from him or his son, Ivan, who is the only other person trained to give these initiations. Update, 2001: Juan is now training at least one more person to give the Hatun Karpay initiations.

If you wish to go on any trip to the Andes, it would be best to start on an exercise and weight maintainance program to make sure your physical body's in much better shape than mine was in 1998! Lake Titicaca is even higher in altitude than Cuzco! And I believe that those magical lakes in northern Peru that Elizabeth refers to are higher, also.

If you haven't taken the Hatun Karpay initiations yet, Elizabeth posts the schedule for the current year up on her website. A tax-deductable (USA) portion of the trip fee goes to help support the on-going health and clean water project in the high Andean village of Q'ero, home of the last descendants of the Inkas. Elizabeth's Wiraqocha Foundation also appreciates donations for this cause at any time of the year!



Juan Nuñez del Prado doesn't take private students, as far as I know. Most of his energies are devoted to leading about 20 groups per year on the Hatun Karpay trips. He also travels to the USA and Europe once or twice a year, teaching workshops in Andean energy work. If you want to contact one of Juan's partners in the USA or Europe to attend one of his or their workshops, contact Elizabeth Jenkins:

Elizabeth Jenkins, Wiraqocha Foundation (Hawaii).
Elizabeth teaches workshops on the Andean energy traditions. She travels all over the USA, to Europe, sponsors and leads trips to Peru for the Hatun Karpay initiation, and also co-teaches with Juan in the USA and Europe.

Phone: (808) 929-8785 or (808) 929-7370
Website: http://www.inka-online.com
Mailing address: Wiraqocha Foundation, PO Box 500, Na'alehu, HI 96772


On Page Thirteen, you will find the Glossary of Quechua terms.

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Page Sixteen contains information about Andean indigenous music.

Page Seventeen is devoted to a
summay of the history of the Andean peoples as reconstructed from their mythology by William Sullivan, whose book on this topic is listed in the Bibliography. Also, you'll learn how the Andean potato farmers determine when to plant their potatoes.

An Addendum page contains many travel tips, an easy jet lag remedy, and links to the Universal Currency Convertor, Greenwich Mean Time and the Go Translator.


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