El Condor Pasa
Hatun Karpay
Initiation in Peru

An account of an initiation into
ancient Andean spiritual traditions
during which we learn to tap into
and work with the natural energies
of the earth and the universe.

Hatun Karpay Initiation in Peru


Photo of Andean condor flying
Photo of North American bald eagle flying

"The Inca prophecies say that now, in this age, when the eagle of the North and the condor of the South fly together, the Earth will awaken. The eagles of the North cannot be free without the condors of the South. Now it's happening, now is the time. We are Children of the Sun." - Willaru


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Many North Americans are journeying to Peru to visit the ancient Inkan ruins and to study and work with shaman/priests who keep alive the ancient Andean traditions. Please enjoy this account of one way that North American 'eagles' (and 'eagles' of all races and religious persuasions from many countries) can learn to 'fly' with the South American 'Andean condors.'


On August 14, 2001 at 10 p.m., most PBS stations in the United States aired a documentary film entitled "In the Light of Reverence," which chronicles Native American struggles to protect their sacred places.

The film was produced by Christopher (Toby) McLeod, Malinda Maynor (Lumbee) and the Sacred Land Film Project of Earth Island Institute.  It documents the efforts of three native communities in three different regions: the Wintu in northern California, the Hopi in the Four Corners region of the Southwest, and the Lakota in the Black Hills.

The film was nationally broadcast on P.O.V. ("Point of View"), the groundbreaking PBS documentary showcase, in August and then rebroadcast on many PBS stations in November as part of Native American Heritage month.

The Sacred Land Film Project has a website at http://www.sacredland.org/ In addition to this film, they feature many other films on the website, including descriptions, local broadcast schedules in the USA, and purchase information.


The background of this website represents some of the fine pre-Inkan stonework at Machu Pikchu. The photograph was taken by Eileen and David Nauman and is used with their permission. After they sent it to me as a jpeg file, I prepared it for use as a background.


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