Hey, we were just flying by in our little scout space ship,
checking out what's happening on Planet Earth,
when what to our wondering eyes should appear
but this strange vehicle, flying by above us!

A jolly old elf with a tummy that shook
like a bowlful of jelly shouted,
"Welcome to Earth, space beings!
Here's some hats and boots to get you in the mood!"
And then he flung these bright red
hats and boots our way and flew off,
saying, "Merry Christmas, ho-ho-ho!"

So as you can see, we put them on.
They're keeping us nice and toasty warm.
Then we looked down, and saw all sorts of lovely lights.
They seemed to be in patterns that have
meaning to the residents of this planet.
So we decided to get closer
and take a look.

Then we walked some more and found these lovely lights.
And someone to greet us!

Hi, there!
May I
help you?
We want
to learn
all this.

OK, you can come with me
and we'll start here.

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