by Florence W Deems
Copyright© 2007
All rights reserved

How many times have we heard this admonishment: "Don't forget to do such and such."? Notice that 6-letter word "forget." That's actually what our subconscious mind and the Universe hear. They do not hear the "not," the negative!

So what actually gets stored in our subconscious mind and delivered to us via the Universal energies of "like attracts like" is that we're supposed to FORGET - rather than remember!

OOPS!!! No wonder we have such a hard time remembering to do things unless we write them down!

So, what can we do about this? Here's another instance of having to re-language ourselves if we truly want to establish the habit of remembering instead of forgetting.

So each time we hear or start to say: "Don't forget..." - we can either say to the other person, "Yes, thanks, I'll remember that," OR we can rephrase that negative statement to: "Remember to do such and such!"

This really is a very simple thing to remember, don't you think? Putting it into practice so we succeed at remembering may take a while as we re-educate our subconscious mind. So another thing to keep in mind is to be kind to ourselves when we don't remember to say "remember."

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