by Florence W Deems
Copyright© 2005
All rights reserved

Many spiritual teachers have told us that the Universe/Source/God believes what we say, literally. Therefore, it behooves us to watch how we language ourselves, our "wants," "needs," "deserves," "goals," etc.

We say, "I need respect" - my response is that since I respect myself, I attract others to me who show me respect, as I also show them respect.

We say, "I need my words honored" - the only way to receive honor for one's words, is to act honorably before and after uttering them. Don Miguel Ruiz covers situations like this very lucidly in his book, "The Four Agreements."

We say, "I need my ideas heard." - if the ideas are in accordance with God's will for us and the planet, they will be heard by the right people, sooner or later. Strong visualization plus absolute faith in my ideas will attract the vibrations to me that bring my ideas to fruition (manifestation).

We say, "I need my feelings cared about" - I care about others' feelings, so attract those to me who care about my feelings, too.

All through life we meet people whose behavior is not to our liking. They will not respect, honor, etc us, no matter what we do. When we learn to love them unconditionally and release them - plus release our expectations that they love us back, we free ourselves to get on with our lives.

The word "need" implies "being in a state of want," "lack," as opposed to "being in a state of fulfillment." The Universe-Source-God "hears" our word "need" and interprets this to mean that we desire to REMAIN in a state of NEED! Our statement: "I need respect" has affirmed that we do not have respect and wish to remain in the lacking mode!

When we learn to re-language our lives, then we'll make some progress. We can start replacing the words "I need" with the words "I deserve..." BUT, if we say "I deserve respect, etc" and still do not change our feelings and behaviors towards others, it will take us much longer to achieve our goals.

It all boils down to loving, respecting and honoring ourselves first. As we do so, we'll see/perceive others as being worthy of love, respect and honor, too.

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