Hi, there. You say you need
directions to Santa's Workshop?
Well, you gotta find the North Pole first!
Now, let's see, the directions are
around here somewhere.

Hey, you guys!
You'd better watch
out there! First thing
you know, you'll be
falling and crushing all
those presents you
just wrapped!

Humpf! They're too busy fooling around to tell us where the directions to the North Pole are. Let's see if we can find someone else who knows the way.

Mousy and
Kitty! Do you
know where
the directions
are to the
North Pole?
The North Pole?
No, why would
we want to go
to the North Pole?

Oh, heck, come on. These two aren't any help at all!

Let's look in this room. Aw shucks!
Those three are sound asleep.
We won't bother them.

Why of course
I know where
the directions
are! Ho-ho-ho!
Just look down
below and you'll
see them.
Thanks so
much, Santa!
I'm sure
glad we
found you.

Way to go! There's the globe with the arrow pointing that way! So when you get back in your space ship, you'll turn right to go to the North Pole and Santa's Workshop!

OK, so you're all set now. You can return to the Village and visit some more. Bye now!

Copyright, 2017 Florence W. Deems, All rights reserved