Here we are at our cookie bakery,
The Cookie Platter!
As you'll see, they've been busy making
all kinds of Christmas cookies,
but especially gingerbread men.
So go ahead and browse around and
taste some of these goodies. I'll wait for you.
Might even do some nibbling myself.

People sometimes leave a plate of
milk and cookies out for Santa Claus
before they go to bed on Christmas Eve.
Oh, boy! Let's play Santa!

Grab some cookies. We're going to
tour the gingerbread part next.
Gee, these sure are good! We don't have stuff
like cookies on our planet!

OK, here's some little houses made from gingerbread.
People like to make them all different sizes
and decorate them with little candies and icing.

Gee, look at this big gingerbread man!
We really like him, but he's probably too big
to fit into our little scout space ship!
Yep, he's a pretty big cookie.
But we can show you some
smaller ones. They have them already
boxed and ready to go.

We'll take several boxes of the
smallest ones.
They're easier for us to handle.

OK, the folks at The Cookie Platter will get
your order ready and send it to your ship.
In the meantime, let's go hunt for
some more presents.

Copyright, 2017, Florence W Deems, All rights reserved.