Gee, this is such a pretty globe.
Do you know what kind of birds
those are? We call them cockatiels.
They originally came from Australia!
But now people in this country
breed lots of cockatiels,
so we don't import them any more.
Look, here's a tag.
Let's see what it says.

Bring this tag to the
North Pole Pet Shop
for two free cockatiels,
your choice of color.

How wonderful! You'll have two little
cockatiels to keep you company.
Be sure to get a nice sized cage for them,
as they like to have room to play.
You can get them some birdie toys, too,
and some seeds and pellets to eat.
If you get a male and a female,
they'll have babies.

Well, how about opening another present? Wonder what'll be in it?

Copyright 2017, Florence W Deems, all rights reserved