This recipe originated from Flo's sister, Sallie. Flo has further modified it. It's simple to prepare and simple to cook.
parsnip parsnip parsnip parsnip parsnip
~ Parsnips
Beets [2" diam]

Fresh herbs: rosemary, oregano or parsley make good choices. [Choose only 1 or 2]

Olive oil [can be any type, but extra virgin might produce too strong a flavor]

Heavyweight aluminum foil for packets, if grilling.

Scrub veggies well. Slice carrots diagonally into approximately quarter-inch slices. Slice the parsnips diagonally same as the carrots. Cut beets lengthwise into 8 sections each. Peel onions and cut the same as the beets. Gently mix the cut veggies together in a large bowl. Sprinkle in the chopped herb(s).

FOR GRILLING: Make individual serving sized packets of the aluminum foil: tear off into squares, fold each square in half, and tightly roll each side edge 3 times to make a sealed seam. Leave the top open for now. Set packets with top edges up.
Pour about a tablespoon of olive oil into each foil packet. Carefully spoon an equal amount of veggies into all the packets. Veggies should have some leftover space in the packets. Seal the top edges shut as with the sides. Carefully turn each packet upside down and rotate several times to coat them with the olive oil. Grill for about 30-4 minutes.

FOR ROASTING: Follow above directions. You can use the aluminum foil packets, laying them directly on the oven shelves or on a cookie sheet.

OR pour a small amount of olive oil over the veggies in the bowl and mix so that the oil coats all sides of the veggies. Do not use too much oil or veggies will get soggy during baking. Then spread in a shallow baking dish and bake at 400 degrees F for about the same amount of time, 40-45 minutes.
VARIATIONS: You can also use any single root veggie instead of the above mixture, including white potatoes or sweet potatoes (yams). Do not mix sweet potatoes with any other root veggie, though.

Or try Florence fennel bulbs by themselves. Remove the green tops, leaving about an inch of the stalks on the bulbs. Herbs for fennel? Well maybe you'll like them just as is.

Try a combination of cabbage and onions plus a little sage.
Florence fennel
parsnip parsnip parsnip parsnip parsnip

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