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There are probably as many versions of this favorite Italian dish as there are chefs. This particular version was created by Flo's son, Bob, after much experimentation.
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Note: All amounts of the ingredients used depend entirely upon the taste of the chef.
~ Chicken breasts or quarters, boned and skinned, one piece per person
~ Toasted sesame oil
~ Black pepper, ground
~ Soy sauce or Tamari
~ Oregano
~ Garlic powder
~ 1 Lemon, juice of
~ Corn starch
Marinate chicken pieces in the refrigerator for one hour in the next 7 ingredients, including the corn starch.
~ Carrots, sliced
~ Onions, thinly sliced

~ Garlic cloves, chopped
~ Celery, diced
~ Parsley, chopped

~ Italian (plum) or other tomatoes
Meanwhile, prepare the vegetables.
~ Oregano
~ Garlic powder
~Black pepper
~Flour for dredging
Mix oregano, garlic powder and black pepper to taste in the flour.
~ 1 Egg
~ Olive oil

~ Dry white wine OR chicken broth, optional
Dip chicken pieces in beaten egg, dredge in flour mixture.

Heat olive oil. Brown prepared chicken pieces in the hot oil, then remove to shallow baking dish or pan.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

While waiting on oven to get hot, drain grease from frying pan in which the chicken pieces were browned. Saute sliced carrots until about half done. Then add onion slices and cook until transparent.
Spread chopped garlic, diced celery and parsey over the chicken pieces and then the sauteed carrots and onions.

Deglaze frying pan with white wine or chicken broth or water and pour over the chicken and veggies in the baking dish.

Quickly skin tomatoes, dice and put on top of chicken mixture.

Bake in oven until chicken is tender and testing thermometer reads 180 degrees.

Cooking time will vary, ranging from about 45-60 minutes, depending upon the type of baking dish or pan used, the size of the chicken pieces, and the accuracy of the oven's temperature.

Serve hot. This dish also works well as cold leftovers.
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