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Quotes that I've collected on the Internet and via emails from friends. They range from quite thought provoking to hilarious. Please enjoy.

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Rose's Story ~ Claude Monet ~ Decades of Wisdom
Great Truths ~ Forbidden Fruit 1 & 2 ~ Words of Advice
I Will Greet This Day ~ Unique Puns & Other Silliness
On Living a Spiritual Life ~ Wisdom of Thomas Jefferson
What My Mother Taught Me ~ When Insults Had Class
A Human Statue of Liberty ~ Ho'oponopono
Love from Children's Point of View
Humor ~ Murphy's Laws
Wisdom From the Aging ~ Blessed in Aging
Children on the Bible ~ Children on the Bible 2
Corporate Mergers ~ Living in 2011
Blessed Are the Whackadoodles! ~ What Is a Grandparent?
History of Old English Sayings & Customs
12 Days of Christmas ~ Costs in 1955 ~ Growing Old

Old Wisdoms, Still Relevant

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