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A table is defined as an arrangement of data in rows of blocks.


In the above the truffles are the data. Each truffle of data is housed in a block or cell.
Many of these cells side by side make a row.
A series of rows make a table.

In the above you can see a rectangle within the rectangle just as a table may nest inside another table.

Each truffle of data may in turn contain its own table and nested tables; and those tables may contain their own tables.

This organiztion of data is only possible because of the attributes contained within the table itself.

To break the table into a simpler form we'll remove all the paper cups holding the truffles. Now we have rows but no data cells.

Now we'll remove all the cardboard spacers.

We are left with a table containing one row and one cell.


This table will still hold your truffles but there is no organization.

The most basic of all tables would simply be coded with the opening and closing tags:

<table> </table>

This would be an empty table and is the same as having a virtual box of chocolates.

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