What Is td and tr ?

  • tr= Table Row
  • td= Table Data
    Your table data can be whatever you like. Be it image or text.

This first example has one tr (Table Row) and 1 columm or td (Table Data)
I've used an image for my Table Data (td) here.

Here is the code:

This second example, has 1 tr (Table Row) and 2 columms or td (Table Data) Here I used an image in the first td and text in the second td.

I used border="0" which shows no border, and a cellpadding and cellspacing of ="5". The cellspacing will add some distance between your td's (table data). You can play with the cellspacing, and add whatever number you like, to see what I mean..;-)


Here is the code:

This third example, has 2 tr (Table Rows) and 2 columms or td (Table Data) in each row. In this exampe I alternated the image and text in the tr (Table Rows).


Here is the code:

You can add as many tr's and td as you like in a Table.
Below is a layout of a table showing all tags opened and closed.

Feel free, to copy and paste the codes above and do some experimenting. Just replace the image or text with something of your choosing. And remember to play with the cellspacing and cellpadding number, too!

Have fun!