Art from Nothing 1
Created from Scratch

by Flo Deems

Art from Nothing means that we start without any preformed image. We start with a blank "canvas" of pixels upon which we place other pixels of various colors and shapes. All this art is accomplished by means of some free online image manipulation software interfaces. These interfaces are not installed on any computers, but are available free to anyone who wishes to use them. When we have finished "painting" and "drawing" with the tools available, we can then output our fabulous creations as jpegs, gifs, pngs or any of many more image file types and upload them to our host servers or into our computers.

Since I created many of these AFN works when I was using a Web-TV/MSN-TV (Webby) which Microsoft discontinued service for on Oct 1, 2013), quite a few of these are a little too small for viewing on a Computer screen. Webby used a TV set as its view screen, so all these looked large and much better then.

Below you will find some examples of my own work.

Here is the link to the latest version (7) of Image Magick The Image Magick Forum and info pages are useful for learning about Image Magick. For learning how to use the Draw tools at Image Magick, please refer to my tutorials.

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Arched Fountain, original Arched Fountain, pano format Area Rug 1 Blue Cornice
Wild Beziers
Flo's Flowers animated Flo's Home Gizmo
House That
Jack Built
Howdy! Illusion
Indigo Star Jack in
the Pulpit
Metamorph Slashed

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